Are you feeling guilty about leaving your little dog on his own when you are out at work?

And then worrying about your dog being bored and lonely when you are at work?

I know that you love your little dog and I understand that pang of guilt that comes when you have to leave him every day to go to work.
If you are anything like me, you worry about your little dog getting the best care he deserves whilst you can’t be with him.

So maybe it’s time to think about getting a dog walker?

But where do you start?

Dog walkers tend to mix all shapes and sizes of dog breeds onto their big group walks and in their day centres which results in our little ones getting the brunt of it during play or feeling intimated by the bigger boys in the playground, right?

This is why Pet Loving Care specialises in caring for small dogs and keeps group walks to a maximum of 4 little dogs.

As a small dog owner myself, of Dottie the ShihTzu, I understand the worries us small breed owners have when trying to find care for our little ones. Only the best will do for my Dottie which is why I provide you and your little pooch the best.

Sadly many dogs can suffer from separation anxiety which is a result of being bored, under stimulated and not getting enough exercise. Just being let out in the back garden isn't enough for your little dog, he needs daily fun, exercise and interaction to help keep him happy.

Choosing the right person to look after your little dog is a tough choice to make, how do you know what to look for when choosing a professional dog walker to care for your dog?

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