Services & Prices

Mud lover adventures

This service is suitable for dogs who enjoy socialising with other dogs and have oodles amount of energy!

Groups are carefully selected with personality in mind and can be discussed in our consultation. Exercise is vital for your doggie’s happiness.
I pride myself on not walking several dogs on a lead at the same time and I only walk a maximum of 5 well behaved dogs.
Whatever the weather, your mud lover and I will take walks locally to your home, off lead or on lead depending on your dog’s recall. 


£9.00 for a 30 minute walk 
£12.00 for a 1 hour walk 

Additional dogs from the same home will be £4 each

One to one mud lover adventures

Some dogs prefer their own company so I offer solo mud lover adventures where it's just me and your dog!
This service is suitable for those who are in their retirement years and perhaps prefer a quiet stroll around the park without the interference of the younger generation of mud lovers or for doggies who find socialising a little stressful. I will adapt the adventure to suit your dog.


£10.00 for a 30 minute walk 
£15.00 for a 1 hour walk

Additional dogs for lone dog walking will be £5 each

I do not walk more than 5 well behaved dogs at a time . All above prices are for walks within walking distance or within a 10 minute drive from your home


Visiting your cat

Cats much prefer their own familiar surroundings and being transported to a cattery can cause them to become stressed. This service is an ideal alternative! All visits include feeding, cleaning of litter trays and administering plenty of Pet Loving Care.


£9.00 for 30 minutes for up to 2 cats
£10.00  for 30 minutes for 3 cats/small pets
£12.00 for a 30 minute visit for 4 or more pets

Sometimes we feel it is necessary to allow ourselves 45 minutes for particular times when there are a variety of pets.

£13.00 for a 45 minute visit for 4 or more pets.
Hourly pet visit charge £14.00


Eldery dog care visits

I now offer a service where I can visit your dog to provide some company, a tummy tickle and a chat over morning elevenses or afternoon tea and biscuits.

For the older generation of mud lovers who perhaps need more frequent visits into the garden to avoid accidents and enjoy some companionship whilst you are away from home.

Perhaps you have a poorly mud lover at home who needs to keep his paws up and needs daily medication?
This service would also suit those who under doctors orders need to rest following an operation, injury or illness.


£9.00 for 30 minutes for up to 2 dogs
£10.00 for 30 minutes for 3 dogs
£12.50 for 45 minutes for 4 - 5 dogs. 

Hourly visit charge for up to 2 dogs £15.00
Hourly visit charge for 3 - 4 dogs £20.00
Hourly visit charge for 5 or more dogs £30.00


Pet Taxi Service

This service is ideal if you are unable to transport your furry friend to an appointment.


£20.00 for return journey [For journeys exceeding 5 miles a small mileage charge will apply)

Key collection and drop off

If you require us to collect and drop off your key following the consultation there will be a small charge for my time and travel. I am also happy for you to drop your key off at a convenient time at my home. 

Prices for key collection.

£3.00 for a return journey, made within 5 miles.
Over 5 miles return journey £6.00

There is a charge of 50p per mile for any diversions that are in place that would prevent me from going our normal route to carry out our service, this includes key collections/drop off.


Dogs at your wedding!

Your wedding day is undoubtedly one of the most important days of your life so why shouldn’t the whole family be able to celebrate it with you? Well now they can!

On the morning of the wedding we will pick up your dog so you have one less thing to worry about while you are getting ready. We will make sure your dog is exercised and ‘dressed’ in their special collar ready for your big day.

We will bring your dog to the wedding to be included in your photographs and care for him or her for the remainder of the day so you can relax knowing he or she won’t be left at home alone.

Please book in advance for this service to avoid disappointment. Prices for this package vary depending on the individual’s requirements.