What services do I offer?

Pet Loving Care offers bespoke services for the smaller dog,
I like to call them mini mud lovers!

As a small dog owner myself, of Dottie the ShihTzu, I understand the worries us small breed owners have when trying to find care for our little ones.

Many dog walkers tend to mix all shapes and sizes of dog breeds onto their walks and in their day centres which results in our little ones getting the brunt of it during play or feeling intimated by the bigger boys in the playground.

Wouldn’t it be great if your small dog could be out with friends of his own size?

Well now he can be!

Mini Mud Lover Adventures £14
An hour long trip out for small friendly dogs only.

Your mini mud lover will be in his eliment playing ball games, fun scent games, kiss and chase with new his best friends, jumping in and out of puddles and paddling in the river! 

You can be rest assured he is safe and having fun so that when you are home from work you return to a happy and contented little dog.

Classic Mud Lover Adventure £14
For friendly dogs of all sizes! 

A fun filled local adventure of doing what dogs need and and love to do, to run, sniff, explore and swim. 
Your dog will be joined by like minded play mates and will be included in our games for mental stimulation so that he is getting the very best experience out of this walk.

I will return him home happy and relaxed so that when you get back from work he's not going to want you to put on your wellie and head out in the rain...you can sit down and have that glass of wine you deserve!