Terms and Conditions

Please take note of these terms and conditions as they are important for you, me and most importantly your furry friend!

We will do our best to prevent dogs rolling in a stinky substance (as some are partial to doing!) but if they beat us to it we cannot completely eliminate it nor the smell upon returning the dog home.

All pets must be provided with appropriate collars, harnesses and restraints. When appropriate; toys, towels and coats in adverse weather conditions.

It is up to the dog owner to provide appropriate equipment for picking up your dog’s mess when out on a walk with us.

It is the responsibility of the owner to provide us with emergency contact details in the event of an emergency.

We have the right to return any dog home that nips, bites or continues to cause a nuisance and we struggle to maintain control of. Any walks which have to be cut short will still incur the full cost.

In order to maintain full control of your dog we will only walk dogs off lead who have good basic commands and recall; Bitches must not be on heat.

Weekend charges are increased by 20% on all services.

Bank holidays will be charged at a double rate for all services, this includes Christmas Day, Boxing Day and Good Friday.

A charge of 45p per mile after 3 miles will apply for the journey to and from the client's address and ours.


Payment can be made by cheque, online transfers or cash. Please refer to pets name as reference when transferring online. Prompt payment is gratefully received. Overdue payment may result in further services not being carried out until full payment has been made.

Weather Disclaimer

During the rainy, wet and muddy seasons (most of the year in the UK!) We will always do our best to get the majority of dirt and damp off your dog but I cannot return them home in pristine condition. Please make sure you provide the correct items to ensure they can be dried off once home or inform me if you would like them left in a particular area of your home to prevent them making your home smell of “Wet Dog!”